NOX DeliveryTool

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I had the pleasure of developing my first Pipeline application (NOX DeliveryTool), for Henrique Reginato, who opened a visual effects studio in Vancouver (Canada), called NOX Visual Effects.

What does this app do?

Basically, we just need to indicate the ".txt" file, and the application will read each line from this file and will build all structures of paths and directories. This application takes all shots approved from a source folder, and copy it to the "_output" folder (if it does not exists, will create a new one).

For this pipeline, the main goal was to copy 3 types of files: Full Resolution (exr/dpx sequence), QuickTime (for previews), and Matte (for image sequence if the shot contains alpha channel).


- PyCharm;

- Affinity Photo;


- BackEnd: os / threading / time / shutil / colorama;

- FrontEnd: TKinter;

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