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This tool allows you to generate custom folders for your Pipeline (you don't need to install it).

Normally, most people save your custom folders in a specific path, to copy and paste on your project when its necessary (like a template). When they don't have this template, they create the folders one by one.

The problem of one of these workflows, is that it is so boring to remember each folder name, or to take the template that you have saved before, accessing the directory every single time you need.

Thinking about it, I've decided to create a Folder Generator, to set all folders for your projects. The only thing you will need to do, is just set your directories on ".txt" file, the FolderGenerator.exe will read this file to create all folders for you.

When the app is opened, paste the current directory from your project, and press Enter.

If the path doesn't exist, you will be warned.

So you will have 2 options:

If you choose the first one, all folders will be created in the same directory you have put before.

If you choose the second one, you will need to create the main folder (given a name), and then will be created the folders.

This tool I've created for my own projects, and of course, to improve my skills in Python language, but I wanted to share it for who has interested to use it as well.

You can use it for your personal projects or commercial purposes, FOR FREE!

Just send me an email or leave a comment to let me know if this was useful for you.

I hope you enjoy it... thanks!

If you wanna check the code:



Download ZIP • 8.47MB

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